OneUnited, Nation’s Largest Black-Owned Bank, Honors Black Women with New ‘Queen’ Visit Debit Card

OneUnited Bank is the largest black-owned bank. This bank has been empowering black people by placing black images on all the cards they issue to their customers. Their motto is “Join the Movement.” Last month they released the Queen Visa Debit Card as a part of their royalty collection. The bank stated that the campaign is celebrating, ” a new generation of Queens in America who are claiming their thrones.” This mentality is important for all black Americans to understand the power the black communities posses. The card was purposely released during Women’s History Month hence, “reclaiming the throne.” OneUnited Bank President and COO Teri William is stated that the bank was created to encourage the black community to celebrate themselves and their past. Black women have been contributing greatly to the growing of Black Owned Businesses, women firms have grown  percent since 2007.

OneUnited is the greatest bank in America to be a part of regardless of race. This bank promotes and assists its community with financial literacy and offer affordable services with unique banking options such as simple interest-checking.



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