What is Happening to Wooster ?

Over half of the diverse faculty and staff members at the College of Wooster are leaving. Most of these faculty members had tenure and a secure career here at the College. Many people said that each staff member has their own reasoning but the numbers are quite too high for this to be a coincidence. Is there a degree of racism we have not noticed at the College of Wooster? We speak out against forms of oppression from a student level but in order to change the institution and systematic oppression at the college, the staffing needs to be re-wired as well. The College of Wooster increased their acceptance of black students from 10% to 30% of their population. Without proper support and aid, these students will have a difficult time surviving the Campus climate. ┬áThere are no diverse staff members in STEM. After a trustee commented “Would you rather have a black professor or a good professor”, the College of Wooster’s mayhem involving diverse faculty members did not stop. The effects of Wooster’s racism is showing and the institution needs to be revamped.

– A primary source from the College of Wooster

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  1. Me being a Black student in the STEM field I already felt a lack of representation in the classroom for students and professors. I tried to take a Black people class every semester because that is usually the only time I will be surrounded by my people. The idea of it only being a handful of African American professors on campus next year makes me upset. Me personally, it is a good feeling to be surrounded by people that looks like me, its just a different type of support system that you cannot match. Many of my Black friends, including myself, just feel more conformable talking to Black professors. So, next school year we will definitely be a challenge but hopefully we get some more Black students and professors!

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