Staceyann Chin Performance

On April 17 we were given the opportunity to go see a performance in the theater by this female theater performer. Her play was based on her life story of her growing being homosexual. When I first saw that we could go to this I was not sure if I was going to go. I am not really into plays and they usually bore me to death. I went however because we would get some extra credit out of it. I went in not know what to expect and when she stepped on stage and starting swearing to caught my attention. Her entire performance was fantastic. Her retelling her life story about how hard it was being homosexual and losing many people in her life really touched me. This performance also made me laugh many times because of the way she acted out her life and even joked about it. Overall this was one of the better plays that I have seen. Even though we only saw a short part of it her message did get to me. That message is that no matter what you are or what you want to do, you can do whatever you want with your life. Her life story really did touch me because just seeing how hard it was for her made me think about my life. This also ties back into our class because we were talking about that week homosexual women activist and their struggles. They did not fit in with any organization and had to make there own and try to get there voices and needs heard by the masses. Now she did not join any movement during her life but she was going through a lot of the same struggles that many of the activists we were reading about went through. She was having trouble finding where was the right place to call home was and how to fit into society. She broke the rules and became her own person. Overall I would recommend seeing this play if anyone does have the chance to.

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  1. Staceyann Chin was an inspiration to watch and experience. I was hesitant to attend the show at all but I am happy I decided to go. Because I had no interest in going in the first place, I planned on leaving after thirty minutes but I was captivated by her story and most of all her performance of it. She utilized her space beautifully and engaged the audience in the story almost as if she was having a conversation with each individual person. She has gone through so much in life from having absentee parents to losing her husband she always found the humor in everything. I found my self transported into her life and just falling in love with various people in her life that always had her back. I liked that she didn’t fit any mold because I often find myself in those situations often. I liked that when she found something she was passionate about she went for it, not caring about anyone else’s opinion on that matter. It was, however, hilarious to see how uncomfortable she made some people because that meant she was getting them out of their comfort zone which is paramount to learn new things.

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