Women of color want 2020 Democrats to work for their vote

According to several political strategists and activists, women of color are poised to be a particularly powerful voting group in the 2020 Democratic primary. Women of this group have proven to be loyal Democratic voters and have helped deliver key wins in elections within states such as Virginia and Alabama. It is highly expected for issues grounded in race and identity to play a significant role in the primary. Thus, the support from women of color, particularly black women, could be the difference between winning and losing for any of the Democratic candidates who are currently running for the presidential nomination.

However, many candidates appear as if they do not have a specific agenda for winning over these diverse groups, which includes black, Latina, and Native American women. According to the article, this was most recently on display at the “she the People Presidential Forum”, an April 2019 event billed as the first presidential candidate forum to focus exclusively on women of color. While Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris were able to bring policy specifics and proposals to the table on issues like black maternal mortality and criminal justice reform, other candidates faltered when asked to discuss how their plans would benefit women of color in particular.

In my opinion, this would suggest that in the coming months, 2020 candidates will need to work harder to find ways to connect with black and brown women.

Article link: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/5/2/18525536/women-of-color-voters-2020-outreach-policy-democrats