Is Marvel Making America Great Again

Marvel has been known for their action packed films and amazing visual affects. After created the film Black Panther, which showcased a different portrayal of an African country, Marvel received raving reviews and praise. After Black Panther was released, Marvel showcased their new film Captain Marvel on National Women’s day. Feminist and women alike were happy to see the ultimate hero of the universe be a woman. In the final movie, Endgame, Captain America gives his shield to Falcon, a black man. Immediately this symbolized to me that white captain America was tired and played out. Captain America giving his shield to Falcon making him the new Captain America was essentially showing a visual representation camaraderie between old white America and new black America. What do you guys think this means for future marvel movies ?

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  1. I think that Marvel is listening to the community around them. Much of the talk is asking for more main roles for people of color and women in films. Marvel is taking the necessary steps to try and please the masses. They are in the business to make money and they are giving the people what they want. The event of captain America giving his shield to falcon was great in moving in the right direction. I believe that Marvel will continue to have minorities play a bigger role in their films. That is what endgame was all about. It was passing the torch to a new group of heroes and those heroes are the minorities. Yes, they will still have white superheroes in their movies but they are moving the direction the public wants them to with more minority in bigger roles.

  2. This post is very interesting and thought provoking. I think this is a very big step for marvel and may be the time for a brighter future when it comes to actors of color. Once Marvel released Black Panther it was interesting to see the support for a mostly black cast in a movie. It is also nice that the movies released by Marvel, don’t showcase false black stereotypes, but instead present black people in a better way. As far as the visual representation of comradery between blacks and whites, I’m not sure if this is the moment. Although more films are starting to cast black leads it is important to acknowledge why this took so long and why now. Overall, I though this post brought about some very interesting ideas.

  3. When I think of the lasting impact of Black Panther, I’m actually hoping that the possibilities it generates exist outside of just the Marvel cinematic universe. Mainly, and this could sound cynical of me, but I hope it shows higher-ups in Hollywood that black centered stories, headlined by black leads and a supporting cast can actually sell. How many times in Hollywood movies have we seen a role that we know a black actor or actress would be perfect for, only to see it fall to another white person. Perhaps, Black Panther will help strengthen Idris Elba’s case for being the first Black James Bond? With Marvel introducing its streaming service, a lot of spin-off shows will happen, and it’ll be interesting to see if any popular Black women from Black Panther gets their own show. I’d love to see a series which mainly features Okoye. Interestingly enough, there has been some criticism for Endgame, in the fact that women of color were hardly given any screen time. While Black Panther was a good step, I don’t think we should necessarily be reliant on Marvel to tell the stories we want, which bring black men and women to the forefront.

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