“Black Women in Defense of Ilhan Omar”



This week saw several significant and powerful black women activists and politicians rallying in Washington, DC in support of Rep. Ilhan Omar, one of the first Muslim women to be sworn into congress in 2018. This comes at a time where Omar’s been the recent target of attack for Trump’s random tweets. As a politician who is known for being critical of U.S foreign policy as well as its method of addressing issues such as Islamophobia, Omar has been a controversial figure since her time in congress began. The combined effect of her words being misconstrued and made out to be anti-Semitic as well as her identity as a black, Muslim, woman have made her the repetitive subject of criticism and distaste amongst conservatives. Moreover, the lack of support from her own Democratic party, was an issue activists like Angela Davis as well as politicians like Rep. Ayanna Pressley wanted to address.

However, despite the unfortunate circumstances that led up to this rally, I feel that it was an important and necessary step in addressing the often negative and even dangerous rhetoric that Trump promotes regarding black women. This is an issue often forgotten due to his simultaneous attacks on different groups but rallies such as this have the potential of making his rants against black women finally take precedence.

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