Saving America from itself: A miscomprehension of Black women’s political involvement

The election of Doug Jones instead of Roy Moore in 2017 for Alabama’s senate bid was a result of 98% of black women voting for Doug Jones instead of the disgraced judge. This resulted in an applause for black women from across all demographics such as white women. Often times, there is a pattern that media outlets and common rhetoric takes when black women play a role in deterring the U.S from making a decision that has the potential of dire consequences. However, this is very much an unfair expectation to have towards a group of people that most of America is comfortable sidelining when it comes to addressing issues of social injustice. Statistics that show black women voting overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton instead of Trump should not tell a story of saviors but rather of endurance and survivors of oppression. Black women’s role in the U.S is not to save the citizens from themselves; this is not a possibility when women of color don’t enjoy the same benefits as their fellow citizens


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